Sunny Ho

Sunny Ho has a record of success in business and is president of the Business Association of Richmond. He has a vision for the future of Richmond that builds on the welcoming, multicultural foundations that he credits as a key factor in his personal and professional success. Sunny is determined to enhance Richmond’s reputation as a welcome destination for people and businesses, with a balance of livability, affordability, safety and low taxes.

Sunny was born in Hong Kong and studied in the U.K., graduating from the University of Ulster with an accounting degree with honours. On returning to Hong Kong, he taught in secondary schools.

Sunny and his family immigrated to Canada 25 years ago and he and his wife opened a bakery and restaurant business in Richmond. As the bakery has grown, Sunny also expanded his business operations into property development and management, while becoming a leading philanthropist. Sunny brings a visionary approach to politics, based on his commitment to caring, sharing and serving. Working within government as an elected City Councillor, while continuing his philanthropic ventures, Sunny will promote a range of initiatives that improve life for residents of Richmond.

He supports the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Richmond Hospital through the creation of a new department focusing on the complementary benefits of ancient approaches to health and wellness.

Sunny is determined to create an affordable dental centre so that residents of Richmond without comprehensive coverage, especially children and seniors, can access top-quality dental care.

Creating more affordable housing – 400 units for seniors in the next three years – is a top priority for Sunny.

Empowering young people through a youth entrepreneurship program in the City will encourage new businesses that grow to strengthen Richmond’s economic base and help ensure taxes remain low while community assets including schools, parks, recreational facilities and community centres remain among the finest in Canada.

With years of experience in the hospitality, restaurant and food services sectors, Sunny knows the challenges faced by employers. He supports the creation of training programs for local and overseas workers to address labour shortages in hotel and restaurant businesses in Richmond.

Sunny Ho will bring business acumen, social responsibility and a vision for a strong future to Richmond City Council.