Jason Zheng ning LI

Jason Li

Jason Zheng ning LI

My name is Jason and I was born and raised in Liaoning, China in the year of 1986.  I moved to Canada at the young age of 14.

Since then, I have spent 17 years living and studying in Canada, a country that I am proud to call home. I successfully completed my high school and university education in Vancouver, so I can speak from my personal experience about the education system in the Great Vancouver Region among all the candidates. In my opinion, studying in a new country like Canada can be challenging for both the students and the parents. For example, language and cultural challenges can be huge issues facing newcomers to Canada today, especially for young children, international and immigrant students. Sometimes, even the parents can have a very hard time understanding their own children in the middle of settling down in an unknown environment. I want to let you know that I sincerely hope and am determined to serve as the bridge that connects the students and their parents to make this transition process easier. On a larger scale, I would love to serve as the bridge that connects our different communities together so cultivate the synergies between each of our communities.

When I was completing my undergraduate degree in Business Administration at the Simon Fraser University, I was heavily involved in many community commitments while managing school full-time. I founded my own student organization and served as the president for the club for a consecutive four years. During my tenure as the club president, I organized a team of students who were committed to giving back to our community to serve as the volunteer councils. Together, we have organized many events that supported meaningful and charitable causes. All of these experiences have shaped me to become who I am today. Particularly, I sharpened my leadership skills, event management and coordination abilities, as well as my ability to move multiple projects at once.

I started my own business during the third year of my undergraduate programs and have been very successful in expanding my business . Because of VISM and my past life experience, I have gained more than 10 years of experience in the education industry. In the past 10 years, I was honored to have served more than thousands of students as well as parents who have placed tremendous trust and faith in me and VISM. My success with VISM further fueled my passion for entrepreneurship when I decided to explore the restaurant industry in Vancouver. I have successfully established Me+Crepe, a western and Chinese fusion style restaurant that serves delicious Chinese crepes. So far, we are grateful that the restaurant has 5 locations in Vancouver in total. My entrepreneurial success at this young age served as a role model and inspiration for young entrepreneurs and students around me. I have been striving to achieve greater heights both personally and professionally so that I can continue to serve as a role model for the youth community.

In addition, I was privileged to serve as a member of the Police Committee in Burnaby for the past 6 years. Because of this wonderful experience, I have learnt that safety concerns can be a big issue for parents and students. In particularly, I have been working on projects that related to strengthen campus security and safety in Richmond in order to create a better learning environment for both the students as well as their parents.

One goal of my campaign is to call on more young people to vote and voice their opinions because that is the first step they can take to become more involved in this great society. I also would like to use my campaign to help slowly fill the cultural gaps between the western and Chinese community so that we can become more unified as one society in the near future. I strongly value harmony in our society and it is both my obligation and my responsibility to serve this purpose well in the near future.

Strong youths lead to a stronger country and the coming generations of youth represent our future and our hope. I am committed to continuously building a safe and prosperous living and learning environment for children from all walks of life to ensure that they can live in a society that is free of discrimination, bullying and safety threats.

Let’s work together to help the children to become the best version of themselves in the years to come!