Councillor Linda McPhail

Chinese Bio

I am a lifelong Richmond resident, married for 31 years to Terry, with 3 adult children – Melissa, Ross and Melanie.

I strongly believe in giving back to the community and have been an active volunteer in Richmond – serving on the Board of Seafair Minor Hockey Association for 9 years, the Board for the Richmond Arena’s Community (RACA) for 6 years, the Richmond Hospital Auxiliary for  over 20 years, the Nite of Hope and at the BC Seniors Games in 2009. Currently, I participate in the Canadian Women Voters Congress Mentorship Program as a mentor.

My involvement at my children’s schools includes being an executive on a Parent Advisory Council and volunteering in various areas within elementary and secondary schools such as fund raising, library, early warning, scholarship committee and dry after grad.  This led to my desire to run for School Board.

I was first elected to the Richmond Board of Education in 2002 and served 7 years as the Board Chair – 2003 – 2010.  I  served on numerous school district committees, chaired the BC School Trustees Association Education Committee for 4 years and have had the privilege of representing the school district at the local, regional, provincial, national and international levels. I  was a guest presenter at the BCSTA Trustee Academy in December 2010 speaking on “Board Leadership for 21 st Century Learning”, and at the 2013 BCSTA Trustee Academy as a guest moderator for the  ” Cultivating Connections” World Café forum .

I was elected to Richmond City Council in Nov. 2011 and  currently serve as   Vice Chair of  the Community Safety Committee and a member of the Finance, General Purpose and Public Works and Transportation committees.  I am also the second alternate to the first Director and the second Director on the Metro Vancouver Board.

I am the Council Liaison to the following advisory committees, organizations and community associations:  Council/School Board, Richmond Community Services Advisory Committee, Vancouver Coastal Health/Richmond Health Services, Local Governance Liaison Group, Richmond Fitness and Wellness Association, Aquatics Services Board, Richmond Nature Park Society, and Steveston Community Society.

Linda McPhail receiving the LGLA (Local Government Leadership Academy)

I  received the LGLA ( Local Government Leadership  Academy) Certificate of Local Government Leadership Level 1 at the UBCM in Sept. 2013.

I am a first generation Canadian – following family members, my parent’s immigrated to Canada in 1956 and settled in Richmond because Richmond reminded my father of his native Holland.   I have seen Richmond grow from a sleepy bedroom suburb of Vancouver to the vibrant, multicultural city it is today. We have experienced unprecedented growth over the last 5 years, and our population is now nearing 200,000. I believe that the next 5 years is a very critical time in Richmond’s future.  There is much more growth projected, and I think that that there are some real and challenging issues that will have to be addressed in the immediate future.

I believe that elected officials should be held responsible when it comes to allocating your taxpayer dollars. I will stand up for lower taxes with controlled spending and I am committed to openness in council budgeting and decisions.

Richmond has always been a great place to live and raise a family – that’s why we have stayed here.  I believe that we can have the best of both worlds – preserving single-family neighbourhoods and proactive planned growth that has a healthy mix of housing choices such as senior’s and affordable housing.

I share your desire for a safe community that has access to key amenities  such as recreation and transit options and will work hard to ensure that  Richmond remains a vibrant, family oriented city.

I bring experience, leadership skills, a strong work ethic and a common sense approach. I have forged strong relationships within Richmond, the province and have the ability to work cooperatively to affect change.

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