Councillor Bill McNulty

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BillBill McNulty is honoured to be serving the citizens of Richmond as their Councillor, a position he has held since 1993. He and his wife have lived in Richmond for 43 years and have raised two children, who also reside in Richmond. Bill worked as an educator in the secondary school system for 36 years.

Better known as “Richmond’s Man in Motion”, Bill has been active as a community volunteer for many years helping make a difference in the lives of others. As a community volunteer, he served on Richmond’s Advisory Planning Commission for six years from 1986-1992, five of them as Chairman, carefully planning and balancing growth in Richmond.

Bill’s concern for others is expressed in his service as a Rotarian for over 25 years, and he is the Founder and President of the Rotary E-Club of Lulu Island. A past president of the U.B.C. Alumni Association, Bill is now serving his ninth three-year term on the Academic Senate of the University of British Columbia. He has been recognized both provincially and nationally for his accomplishments. In 2005, Bill was presented the British Columbia Community Achievement Award by former Premier Gordon Campbell and Lieutenant-Governor Iona Campagnolo. In 2013, he was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal by Richmond Member of Parliament Alice Wong.

Bill is Chair of Richmond’s Community Safety Committee, Vice-Chair of the Planning Committee, and is a member of the following Standing Committees of Council: General Purposes, Finance, and Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services. He is the City Council liaison to the following city advisory committees, organizations, and community associations: Richmond Sports Council, the Richmond Sister City Advisory Committee, the Arena Community Association, the Thompson Community Association, and the Steveston Historical Society.

Bill currently represents Richmond as a first alternate to the first Director, Mayor Brodie, on the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors. He is a Director of E-Comm (911), Metro Vancouver Housing Board, and Metro Vancouver Housing Committee.

Bill McNulty is a strong advocate and supporter of the Arts in Richmond. He is a Life Member of both the Richmond Arts Coalition and the Richmond Arts Connection. He is also a Life Member of the Richmond Women’s Resource Centre and has been a leader in supporting children and families.

Bill is a tireless worker on behalf of the citizens of Richmond and is always willing to address their concerns.

As Richmond grows and develops into a world class city, he endeavors to ensure that it remains a safe, welcoming and inclusive community drawing on the strength of its people. Culture, heritage, arts, business, sports, recreation and wellness all come together and play a role in defining the city.

Lingyen_Mountain_Temple-18In achieving goals for the community and building for the future Bill always has the taxpayer in mind. He is  fiscally prudent, working for financial planning and stability, and is transparent in all his decisions on Council. He supports a balance of planned growth with a mixture of housing options, preserving single family neighbourhoods, seniors housing and affordable housing. He sees that Richmond is the Gateway to Asia Pacific, Canada and the U.S.A. Bill understands that the city faces the challenges of strengthening its economic development and prosperity as well as improving transportation corridors. Bill continually supports local small business and development helping create jobs in Richmond.

Bill’s leadership skills, work ethic, commitment, experience and reasoning in decision making enable him to effectively represent you on Richmond Council to build a safe, accessible, vibrant, family oriented community.


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