Trustee Donna Sargent

Donna Sargent has been a resident of Richmond for over 30 years and has been actively involved with the Richmond School District since 1991.  Donna has been married for 34 years and has two children Jenny and Greg.  Donna and her husband, Chris love living in a city that is safe, fun and friendly and believe we all have a role in ensuring we continue to have such a city.

Donna ran for office of School Trustee because she believes in public education.  She believes that every child in Richmond is entitled to the very best education possible.  Donna believes passionately a strong, democratic society needs a strong, vibrant and respected public education system.  She believes that investments in public education are essential to secure future economic prosperity and creates our community’s leaders of tomorrow.

Donna has been a dedicated advocate and has worked tirelessly to ensure such a system.  She believes working very closely through meaningful involvement with stakeholder partners is the key to that success.  By bringing the community’s voice to the decision making table she believes will ensure the system you create is what your community wants.

Completing her fifth term as a School Trustee, Donna’s extensive track record has given her a reputation of being a hard working, principle-centered and trustworthy team player.  Some of her involvement includes Chairperson of the Personnel and Finance Committee, Chairperson of the Council Board Liaison Committee, Special Purpose Task Force on land issues, Career Development Advisory Committee, City of Richmond’s Sister City Committee, Richmond Substance Abuse Task Force, Traffic Safety Advisory Committee to name a few.

Donna has also been very active with the British Columbia School Trustees Association (BCSTA). She has stood as a Director for the BCSTA Board for four years. She believes that with her knowledge and experience she can contribute to making a difference at a provincial level as well.

Public Education is the key to everything and it matters who sits on your Board of Education. Donna believes her knowledge, passion and integrity are needed to ensure decisions that are made will be in the best interest of our students for they are what matters most.

2 thoughts on “Trustee Donna Sargent

  1. Dear Ms. Sargent: Reading today about the Government’s $40 credit to offset child care costs as the strike drags on is ridiculous. Just another stab at the teacher’s by a government that has no interest in getting this strike settled. I can’t believe that anyone would consider a “handout” from the Government that would be free – is this not to be counted as income? Please, use your voice to convince the Government to stop this nonsense and sit down with the BCTF and settle this strike. Four years of ZERO increases when other sectors received a raise isn’t fair. Let’s really talk about the class composition and size – your experience in the Richmond school district where over 50% of the students struggle with English; any school issues must rely on School translators. Students with IEP’s that have little or no support at school. That;s the real issue…but the Government won’t comment on that as they “tore” it up 12 years ago.
    I have worked in the Richmond School District as an Educational Assistant for over 13 yrs – it’s not getting any easier to support Special Needs, IEP’s and ELL students in a classroom of 30 students. I ask that you again send your voice to the Government to sit down and settle this strike and have teachers ready and welcoming students on September 2nd.
    thank you,
    Deb Moynahan
    EA and Richmond Resident

  2. Dear Ms. Sargent: I am emailing you for a second time to please ask for your voice and the voices of your colleagues to end this strike. This week has been so difficult, parents scrambling, students wondering “when can I go to school” and my colleagues on the picket line. I have been at school this week a total of 4 hours. Unable to prepare, schedule, we are left to clean, dust and tidy up. It;s very demoralizing. Premier Clark boasting about “class size and composition is our #1 priority” in 1 of her many tweets – no one believes her. PLEASE Ms Sargent use your influence; along with your colleagues to get this settled. We can’t wait the Legislature resumes in October….that’s too long. This needs to be settled NOW.
    Secondly, in my previous email I asked about the eyesore of weeds at Mitchell Elementary on the corner of No 5 Rd & Cambie Rd. You did reply that you would send my email to the City and personally inspect the premises – the weeds are thriving. I have seen the city cutting the grass and they finished the tree trimming on Greenland Dr adjacent to the playing fields at Mitchell. No action on the weed garden – the rain has really helped them grow I would appreciate an update about steps to “beautify” this corner. It’s school district property – why not create garden beds and rent them out like Cambie Community Garden up the street. Mitchell Elementary has a lovely garden on the west side of the school. It’s not rocket science!!
    Thanks for your attention
    Deb Moynahan
    Richmond School District #38 support staff
    Richmond Resident

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