Elsa Wong

Elsa Wong

School Board Trustee – Candidate

Richmond First

Elsa Wong, by the age of 19, became the lone financial supporter of her family and a professional artist performing in Hong Kong.  In 1988, she was granted a working visa and began her North America tour performing in numerous cities, and in 1992, she immigrated to Canada and has lived in Richmond ever since.  It was at this time that she left her performing life behind and began her business career.

With hard work and dedication, Elsa became a proud owner of numerous boutiques, a real estate consulting firm, an event planning company, and an immigration consulting company.  Over the past 26 years, while she was busy building her business career, Elsa was also closely involved as a volunteer in the political field, and in 2017, she became the Constituency Assistant for Richmond South Centre MLA Linda Reid.  Elsa has been married to Thomas Wu for over 20 years.

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Due to Elsa’s outgoing personality, business acumen, charismatic leadership, and passion for charity, she has been recruited by numerous non-profit organizations to act as one of their key representatives.

  • *1996-2004           Yaohan Centre – Strata Council Member
  • *1998-2006           Vancouver Film & Television Artists Society – Director
  • *2004-2005           UBC YOURS Student Association – Consultant
  • *2003                     Canadian Chinese Consumers’ Association of BC – Director
  • *1999-2006           Canada Asia Pacific Business Association – Director
  • *2013-Present       Rotary Club Lulu Island E-Club – Member
  • *2018-Present       Richmond Centre for Disability Fund Development Guiding Committee – Member
  • *2006-Present       Canada Asia Pacific Business Association – President

As the President of CAPBA, she established the “Apprentice Entrepreneur Team” to mentor and nurture its youth members; as well as the “Prime Time Club” to care and assist the seniors of the community.

Elsa is passionate about serving and giving back to the community that has welcomed her, as well as helping those in need.  Over the years she has been an active volunteer to charitable organizations such as World Vision Canada, United Way of Canada, Little Mountain Residential Care & Housing Society, Rosewood Manor Care Foundation, SUCCESS Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation of BC, Diabetes Canada, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Canadian Red Cross, and the Richmond Hospital Foundation.

In 2003, she was involved in the “We Love BC Chinese Community Forest Fire Relief Campaign”; in 2004, she initiated the “1226 South Asia Tsunami and Earthquake Fundraising Campaign” and was the Fundraising Committee and Event Chairman; in 2005, she organized the “South Asia Earthquake Relief Campaign” and was the Fundraising Committee and Event Chairman; and, in 2016, she organized and chaired the “5116 Fort McMurray Fire Relief Campaign”. Elsa’s charitable work was honored and recognized by various well known organizations and received plaques and certificates to commemorate her work.

Elsa continues to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs in the “Apprentice Entrepreneur Team”.  Over the last 12 years, she had mentored over 400 local youths; many of them are now successful community members of Richmond working in the fields of business, banking, financial, education, and health care.

Elsa believes that “children are our future”, we need to provide them with quality education and all the life skills necessary to be successful and contributing members of our community. She mentors them to become leaders who respect honesty, truthfulness, friendliness, courage, dedication and diligence, as well as the importance of giving back to their community.

Elsa stands for:

  • Seismic upgrades to all Richmond schools
  • Accessibility to physical and mental wellness services for both students and staff
  • Work with stakeholders to pave a brighter future for all students
  • Transparent and accountable governance

To ensure our children have adequate services, facilities, and the best educational opportunities, Elsa has joined Richmond First Voter Society as a candidate for Richmond School Board Trustee.  At October 20th’s municipal election, please support and vote for Elsa Wong.

Thank you!


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