Successful business supports strong communities

Peter Liu, a leader in technology and entrepreneurship, will strengthen Richmond excellent business climate.

By Peter Liu, Candidate for Richmond City Council

I chose Richmond when I moved to Canada – and it was an amazing decision! The factors that affected that choice included the superb quality of life, the safe community and the great facilities available for raising a growing family.

What I didn’t know at the time – but which I’ve realized since – is that Richmond is an amazing place to build a business.

One of the reasons I am running for Richmond city council is because I am confident that my range of business experience can add to the strength of experience around the council table. I am running as a candidate with Richmond First because the Richmond First councilors and candidates each have demonstrated deep understanding of what businesses need to thrive – and the way thriving businesses build community.

I was born in Tianjin, China, and came to Canada with my wife and daughter in 2002. Our son was born here. We settled in Richmond right away.

In China, I was an exporter-importer with a commodities trading company. In Canada, I’ve been involved with a number of businesses and I’m an investment advisor who helps facilitate deals in oil, gas and technology. I also export B.C. wines to China.

In addition, I’m a member of 1029 Café, a super-innovative, informal incubator for entrepreneurship that merges Asian and North American expertise to synergize talent and create jobs here in Richmond and worldwide.

It’s not a coincidence that business is flourishing in Richmond. In addition to everything else this city has – access by land, sea and air and all the benefits cultural diversity brings – Richmond’s business taxes are highly competitive compared with other Metro Vancouver municipalities. We also have a very progressive business atmosphere, created by very intentional policies set in place by forward-thinking Richmond councils to encourage and nurture business.


Sometimes it seems like elected officials do not always understand that what is good for business is good for communities. A healthy, vibrant business environment means good jobs and a strong tax base, which lets us invest in schools, community centres, parks, libraries and services. This is something my colleagues in Richmond First understand completely.


Richmond has an excellent economic development office that is there to help any person who wants to set up a new business in Richmond and, once up and running, helps businesses grow and flourish.

We’ve got a great foundation for future growth. I understand that for growth to be sustainable and successful you have to listen to and respect all communities.


The experience I will bring to council will help strengthen business and, as a result, empower the entire Richmond community. I’m a young entrepreneur. I know the city will thrive through a strong business culture and the welcoming of technology.

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