Focus on Taxpayer Relief, Protecting Public Safety and Improving Community Services


RICHMOND – The ten candidates running under the Richmond First Voters Society banner in the 2014 municipal election today released their campaign platform focused on building a better future for Richmond.


“Over the past three years, I’m proud that we’ve led the way to secure the Garden City Lands, backed new police stations and upgraded fire halls, and built over 400 new seniors units – but today Richmond is at a crossroads so our work isn’t done yet,” said Councillor Bill McNulty. “We’ve been listening to people throughout our community and they’ve helped us create our vision for the future.”


The Richmond First Council Team is running on an eight point platform:

  1. Controlling city spending and respecting taxpayer dollars
  2. Working to create road and transit solutions to reduce traffic gridlock
  3. Ensuring support for public safety and first responders
  4. Calling for increased transparency for your tax dollars at City Hall, the Richmond Oval and other city facilities
  5. Balancing growth with the need to preserve the character of single family neighborhoods
  6. Ensuring new development pays their fair share towards community infrastructure and amenity improvements
  7. Working with Vancouver Coastal Health to encourage expansion of medical services for our growing and aging community
  8. Protecting Richmond’s farmland and supporting local food production

“I’m proud to be running on the Richmond First platform because I know addressing these issues are paramount to improving the quality of life and livability of our city,” said council candidate Andy Hobbs, a former School Trustee and retired Vancouver Police Superintendent with over 35 years of service. “I know if elected that the proven experience and new perspectives provided by our Richmond First team can make our commitments a reality.”


“I firmly believe the Richmond First platform sets the right balance between our city’s economic and social priorities,” said council candidate Elsa Wong, entrepreneur and President of the Canada Asia Pacific Business Association. “We need to create jobs and build a positive business environment, but we also need to make sure development pays their fair share towards community infrastructure and amenity improvements.”


The five Richmond First Board of Education Trustee candidates also launched their platform on Tuesday.


“I’m proud of our record with student graduation rates over the last three years having ranked in the top three of school districts in British Columbia, but I know we must continue fostering even further improvements in student achievement,” said long-time Board of Education Chair Donna Sargent. “After the labour dispute that faced our education system this last year, it’s time for us now more than ever to foster an environment that supports positive student, teacher and parent relationships.”


The Richmond First Trustee team is running on a five point platform:

  1. Supporting continued improvement in student achievement
  2. Keeping our schools safe for our children
  3. Providing proven fiscal leadership to ensure tax dollars reach classrooms
  4. Building positive student, teacher and parent relationships
  5. Promoting community driven decision making at our schools

“As a parent with two daughters in the school system, I can relate to all the issues identified in our platform,” said trustee candidate Kevin Lainchbury, Rotarian and Richmond District Parents Association Executive Board Member. “With the support of voters, I know our team can continue improving student achievement, safety, and enhancing the important relationships that hold our education system together.”


The Richmond First candidate team for City Council includes current Councillors Bill McNulty, Derek Dang and Linda McPhail, and new candidates Andy Hobbs and Elsa Wong. The Richmond First candidate team for the Board of Education includes current trustees Donna Sargent, Dr. Eric Yung and Debbie Tablotney, and new candidates Kevin Lainchbury and Peter Liu.


The Richmond municipal election is set for November 15, 2014.





Kiichi Kumagai

Richmond First Campaign Coordinator



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