Richmond First Incumbents Dang, Johnston, McNulty to seek re-election

For Immediate Release

September 12, 2011

RICHMOND – All three Richmond First incumbent City Councillors, Derek Dang, Ken Johnston, and Bill McNulty, will be standing for re-election in November’s municipal election, running on a plan to return common sense to Richmond City Council.

“There are serious issues facing Richmond today and I’m pleased our team is standing for re-election to deal with these challenges using the common sense approach we bring to the table,” said Councillor Bill McNulty. “With Richmond at a crossroads, the strength and experience of our team to stand up and tackle the big issues are now more important than ever.”

Councillor Derek Dang has lived in Richmond all his life and served on City Council since 1996. Over his last term on Council, Mr. Dang was the first public official to reveal Translink’s hidden agenda to likely place tolls on the Knight Street Bridge, and has been standing up for important social programs within the City.

“I’ve been very fortunate to have received the support of Richmond residents in the past to represent them on City Council, and I hope to earn their support again in November,” said Councillor Derek Dang. “At the top of my agenda is ensuring we maintain a strong public safety record and that our first responders are strongly supported to keep our community protected.”

Councillor Ken Johnston has been tackling a variety of issues since returning to Richmond Council in 2008. Mr. Johnston was the first Councillor to blow the whistle and speak out against the proposed airport fuel pipeline and storage tanks that are slated to run through Richmond, and he spearheaded a bylaw allowing Richmond to strike a blow against puppy mills by becoming the first municipality in Canada to ban puppy sales in pet stores.

“I’m pleased to put my name forward for re-election because I want to continue taking on special interests and standing up to defend common sense on behalf of citizens,” said Councillor Ken Johnston. “I believe our greatest challenge now is to keep taxes among the lowest of Lower Mainland municipalities so we can retain and create jobs in Richmond – and I’m going to do just that by being the financial conscience on Council.”

Councillor Bill McNulty is a long-time Richmond resident better known as “Richmond’s Man in Motion”, reflecting Mr. McNulty’s active community volunteer work in the city. Serving on Council since 1993, Mr. McNulty has been championing public safety and the installation of fare gates at Canada Line stations, opposing fuel tanks being installed on Sea Island and fuel tankers running past Steveston along the South Arm of the Fraser, and defending the continued existence of single-family neighbourhoods throughout the city.

“Over the last three years, we’ve seen a Richmond Council out of touch with the everyday realities people are facing, from unwanted densification in single-family neighbouroods to frivolous spending of tax dollars during a global economic downturn,” said Councillor McNulty. “Residents and business are having trouble making ends meet, and yet taxes are going up, road tolls are being proposed, and a massive jet fuel terminal and pipeline is being rammed through our city. I’m pleased to stand for re-election so I can continue defending the will of our citizens on Council.”

The next Richmond City Council election is set for November 19, 2011.

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