Richmond Review: Richmond moves ahead with puppy ban

Councillor Ken Johnston continues to battle for humaine treatment of puppies in Richmond.

Richmond moves ahead with puppy ban
Richmond Review

Pet stores in Richmond could be banned from selling puppies by April if a new bylaw is approved.

Monday, Richmond council’s general purposes committee asked city staff to write a bylaw amendment prohibiting the sale of dogs in storefronts.

Bylaw proponents believe a ban would limit impulse purchases and reduce the number of dogs bred in inhumane conditions without proper health care.

The proposed bylaw would affect three local stores: Pet Habitat, PJ’s Pets and Pets Wonderland.

It was standing-room only Monday in a meeting room at Richmond City Hall as dozens of animal rights activists and pet store employees waited for chance to address council.

“Only this council can stop puppy brokers from accessing and infiltrating our community through pet stores,” said Lorie Chortyk of the BC SPCA.

“Many of the puppies who are often purchased on impulse are then abandoned or surrendered to animal shelters when the new owners discover the puppies are sick and when the novelty wears off,” Chortyk said.

Councillors agreed the solution is to ban the sale of dogs from storefronts.

“We’re not going to support puppy mills or the inhumane treatment of animals,” said Coun. Ken Johnston.

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6 thoughts on “Richmond Review: Richmond moves ahead with puppy ban

    1. Dear Becky,

      Proper medical paper from an pet store? I would laugh if it weren’t so sad that people are that misinformed.

  1. Thank you for taking a stand against the cruelty of puppy mills. It is time the general public knew what really goes on in puppy mills and how stores like Pet Habitat and PJ Pets and Petland are the retail arm of the puppy mills. I don’t understand why anyone would pay big bucks for a puppy that has dubious health history, as is documented in many cases of pet store puppies. Actually banning the sale of puppies in pet stores not only combats cruelty, but also protects the consumer.

  2. You do not get proper medical papers from a pet store (you get a vaccination history), you also do not get any history on the dog or genetic testing that was done on the sire or dam of your puppy. You do not get support for life from a pet store and there is no guarantee that your pup is free from hereditary disease.

    You should want to see where you puppy was born, the sire and dam. A reputable breeder will show you all the genetic testing that was done to ensure healthy pups, they will be able to tell you about the lines of the pup, the full history etc.

    If you aren’t concerned with health, genetics, parentage go to a shelter, it’s better for your wallet and Karma.

    Read about what a reputable breeder does on and or Reputable breeders who are members of the Canadian Kennel Club are not allowed to sell through pet stores or brokers, it’s in the Code of Ethics for a reason.

    Educate yourself as a consumer and protect yourself when spending a large amount of money. This isn’t a TV that you can simply return.

  3. I am so grateful to Richmond City Council, and most especially to Councillor Ken Johnston, for pursuing this puppy sale ban in Richmond. It was the right thing to do for so many reasons from consumer protection to animal protection. The sale of animals in pet stores causes a host of problems in our community, and we can now bring some balance to the dog population in Richmond.

    Thank you again!

    Christie Lagally
    Animal Welfare Advocacy Coalition

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