Tough questions about YVR’s Jet Fuel Pipeline

The Richmond News is meeting with the Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities Corporation to discuss their disastrous proposal to run a jet fuel pipeline through Richmond to YVR. As part of this meeting, the News openly asked for reader questions.

We’ve been asking tough questions about this project from the start, and we’re not going to stop now.

Here are the questions Richmond First submitted to the News for the Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities Corporation.

1. Will the VAFFC respect the wishes of Richmond Council to not add to the jet fuel line length, put an end to the proposed off-loading facility in the south arm of the river, and explore other options further?

2. How much weight has the VAFFC given to the potential hazards of jet fuel tankers running daily through the South Arm of the Fraser right across from historic Steveston, our major commercial fishing marina, and our prime farm land?

3. What kind of consideration has been given to possible environmental and economic damage to residents and businesses due to an accidental or deliberate rupture along the line?

4. Will the VAFFC promise to remediate any damage caused by a rupture due to negligence of a third party, as seen in the Kinder Morgan Burnaby pipeline rupture of July 2007?

5. Why did the VAFFC purchase land for a marine terminal and storage tankers of their preferred option even before entering into public consultation?

6. Why did the VAFFC not conduct a single consultation session for the residents and businesses most affected by their proposal in East Richmond?

Councillor Bill McNulty
Councillor Derek Dang
Councillor Ken Johnston

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