Canada Line Celebrates First Birthday

One year in, the Canada Line connecting Richmond, YVR, and Vancouver has been a huge success. Our pressure to stop the line from becoming a “Crime Train” has helped enhance security has created a safer ride. Up next, our fight continues to stop fare cheats and install fare gates.

Canada Line celebrates first birthday

Tamara Slobogean
Aug 17, 2010 06:41:21 AM

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – There will be just one candle on this cake!  The Canada Line has been up and running for one year as of today.

News1130 chatted with folks who either use the SkyTrain line on occasion or those who have worked it into their daily commute for a year now and there aren’t many complaints.

Many said the service has been “wonderful,” making it a breeze to get from Downtown Vancouver to YVR and back.  Despite all the good reviews and its popularity, there are some mild complaints that it gets too crowded.

One passenger suggested if you really want to see what it’s like to ride the Canada Line, do it when the train is packed and you have loads of luggage.

In its one year the Canada Line has recorded 36 million passenger boardings.  On August 6th, TransLink released figures that showed the average daily ridership during the month of July was roughly 100,000 people.  That surpasses original ridership projections forecast the line would not reach that same number until 2013.

Read more online at:–canada-line-celebrates-first-birthday

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