Richmond News: Public transit fare evasion figures revealed

Councillor McNulty calls out fare cheats on Translink & Canada Line as fare evasion figures revealed.

Coun. Bill McNulty was one of several city councillors who successfully pressured TransLink to expedite the introduction of turnstiles on the Canada Line.

However, McNulty says the estimated 550 tickets issued in Richmond during the first five months of the Canada Line’s inception is just the tip of the fare evasion iceberg.

“That’s just the people they’ve caught. And it’s great they get a ticket, but do they pay it? I’m not so sure,” McNulty said.

“We need to make sure everyone is paying. It’s a very convenient and quick system, but everyone needs to contribute

“I would think the actual number (of fare evaders) is a heck of a lot higher as there must be hundreds every day that don’t get caught.”

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