Hamilton deserves bus service to reach Canada Line


With the Canada Line set to open sometime in August and Translink’s 10-Year Plan in the offing, it’s an important time to ensure all of our residents have the opportunity to take advantage of the new system.

While I was not on Council when a deal was reached to have the Canada Line brought to Richmond, there is one key aspect I felt was critical to the success and integration of the project in to our community. To ensure all residents had access to the new rapid transit system, a commitment was made to improve local bus service so residents could get to Canada Line stations. Ever since, residents have been eagerly awaiting the completion of the project.

Although I still have safety concerns surrounding the stations, and I believe fare gates are essential for it’s future success, I’m hopeful the commitment for enhanced bus service will go ahead. Recently, Translink said they expect service to the 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 410 and 430 buses to increase, but how much we just don’t know. At the same time, Translink has not mentioned any increased service whatsoever for the C99 through Hamilton. The lack of details on the service increases, and the leaving out of Hamilton, is certainly of concern.

Today, on behalf of my colleagues Councillors Derek Dang and Bill McNulty and myself, I’m calling on Translink to provide details of their proposed increased service levels, especially for those who live in East Richmond and Hamilton. These residents are taxpayers like everyone else in the city, and they deserve to feel the benefits of the Canada Line.

This project deserves to be a success. Let’s make it one.


Ken Johnston
Richmond City Councillor

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