Councillor discovers newfound respect for BC Ambulance

The Editor:

One of the most important services provided to the citizens of Richmond and our province is facilitated by the BC Ambulance Service. With much talk in the news lately surrounding the services provided by BC Ambulance in our city, I wanted to learn more.

In that spirit, recently I traveled to Vancouver to visit the BC Ambulance Service Lower Mainland headquarters. While on site, I learned more about the role of these emergency responders in everything from first response to air ambulance transfers. It’s an intense profession, dealing with life and death situations every day, but the solid work I witnessed performed within the organization was exemplary.

After paying a visit to the service’s headquarters, I found myself re-evaluating the BC Ambulance services provided right here in Richmond. It came to mind, that despite dramatic growth over the last number of years, the province still maintains only two paramedic stations — one in central Richmond and one in west Richmond. Again, the under serviced area appears to be that of east Richmond, Hamilton and south Richmond east of No. 3 Road.

Today, I’m calling for the study of a new ambulance facility to capture this under serviced area and I will be sending a letter to the Health Services Minister in Victoria to the same effect.

Together, I hope we can show this profession and these services our support. They are essential to our city.

Bill McNulty
Richmond First City Councillor

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