Richmond Drug House Raids Sound the Alarm for Increased RCMP Resources

For Immediate Release

June 27, 2008

RICHMOND – The footprints of organized crime displayed by this week’s raid of the province’s largest-ever ecstasy bust displays the need for vigilance and the need for more public safety resources, Richmond City Councillor Derek Dang said today on behalf of the Richmond First Team.

“The RCMP and their integrated teams deserves to be commended for their actions in taking down this massive drug lab and wiping out this blight on our community,” said Councillor Dang. “But if there’s one thing this bust shows us it’s that the RCMP deserves increased resources to keep our growing community safe from the tentacles of organized crime.”

On June 20th Richmond RCMP busted a drug lab at 21880 River Road, finding over 200 kilograms of pressed tablets capable of producing over 750,000 pills of ecstasy. On site, officers also discovered explosives and nine semi-automatic weapons, forcing the evacuation of surrounding residences. On Monday, two more drug houses were raided at 23281 Gilley and 8440 Odlin Crescent finding two marijuana-growing operations and more explosives.

“While drug labs are certainly a threat to the public, the bigger safety risk here appears to be the presence of explosives and semi-automatic weapons,” said Councillor McNulty. “No Richmond resident should stand for that level of danger living in their community, let alone in the house next door.”

On Thursday, Bob Harriman, Chief Superintendent in charge of Federal Criminal Operations for the RCMP in British Columbia, reported that organized crime in B.C. is profiting from the business of preying on communities with their guns, drugs and illegally obtained profits, at the expense of innocent victims across British Columbia at an enormous risk to the public. Harriman stressed the need for cooperation of all levels of government to tackle the challenge of organized crime.

“We’re willing to stand-up and work with the RCMP to ensure they have the resources they need to tackle these challenges,” said Former Councillor and current council candidate Ken Johnston. “When these drug labs get to the stage where explosives are being found along side a weapons cache, we know that public safety is at risk and we have to do everything we can to protect our citizens.”

Richmond First Councillors and Council candidates are on record supporting more police resources, especially for the RCMP’s special integrated teams. In this case, the integrated drug task force took the lead to take down the lab.

“We need to see Richmond step up and put more resources in to the RCMP’s integrated teams,” said Former Councillor and current council candidate Kiichi Kumagai. “It’s very disturbing to me when residents do not feel safe in their own neighbourhood.”

Five persons were arrested after the raids were conducted, with RCMP officials stating further arrests are anticipated.

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