Hamilton deserves to be a part of our city, just like any other


As a Richmond City Councillor, I was certainly displeased that the Hamilton daycare centre has been deferred due to cost escalations. What displeases me more is the distinct pattern this reflects upon for the people of Hamilton, one of Richmond’s most valuable and unique communities.

Almost every Wednesday I visit Hamilton to meet with individuals and work on the issues that are facing residents. Unfortunately, I have a long-standing belief that Hamilton is left out in the cold far too often by the rest of council.

The Hamilton neighborhood deserves quality services, just like any other community of our city. While some, even the current council liaison to Hamilton, have deemed services for your neighbourhood as “out there”, I prefer to look at Hamilton as part of our larger community, the same as any other.

As part of that belief, I’ve been a long time advocate for building a full-service Hamilton library branch, developing increased child care spaces, and enhancing policing with a more equal distribution of resources. It’s time council joined with my Richmond First colleagues and myself and walked the walk to ensure your tax dollars are reflected in the community in which you live.

Hamilton deserves not to be playacted to, as has happened so often in the past, but rather deserves action. Together, I urge all of council to work together to improve services in the Hamilton Community once and for all.


Bill McNulty
City of Richmond

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