Richmond Councillor Encourages City to “Think Big” on China Relations

For Immediate Release

July 19, 2007

RICHMOND – The City of Richmond should take full advantage of the burgeoning economies in China and Asia, Richmond City Councillor Bill McNulty said today upon returning from an official delegation to China.

“Our fact-finding mission gave us first hand experience showing us how dramatically China is changing and how it will effect our municipality” said McNulty. “The world is changing and we need to take action to ensure it doesn’t pass us by.”

Arriving home this week, Councillor McNulty served as the elected member for a group of city representatives on a two-week fact finding mission to China on bequest of Richmond City Council. An initiative of the Richmond Sister City Committee, the delegation had a mandate to establish friendly and cooperative relationships with other cities in the country.

“Chinese officials are keen on setting up stronger relations with Richmond and we need to take full advantage of that fact,” said Councillor McNulty. “There are massive opportunities for the expansion of trade and commerce and we need to make certain Richmond’s positioned to be a beneficiary of China’s tremendous growth.”

On their tour the delegation visited and met with high-ranking officials in the cities of Quigdao, Yangzhou, Guangzhou, and Xiamen.

“The sheer size of cities in China are simply incredible, we need to think big,” said McNulty. “The four visited cities alone house over 20-million people, almost two-thirds the population of Canada.”

As a result of this fact-finding mission, and an upcoming trip by the Mayor, Richmond City Council will be making final decisions on future relationships with various cities and regions of China.

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