Canada Line “Crime Train” Concerns Resurface in Wake of Recent Beating Attack

For Immediate Release

April 23, 2007

RICHMOND – Canada Line safety concerns that were expressed by Richmond First City Councillors in December 2006 have resurfaced in the wake of the tragic purse snatching beating near the 29th Avenue SkyTrain station, Richmond City Councillor Bill McNulty said today.

“Canada Line safety concerns outlined by the RCMP have not been addressed to prevent criminal hot spots,” said Councillor McNulty. “It’s my hope that the heartbreaking and unprovoked beating near the 29th Avenue SkyTrain station will bring these issues back to light so they can finally be addressed.”

On November 15, 2006, Staff Sgt. Doug Wright of the Richmond RCMP presented Richmond’s Community Safety Committee with a report regarding possible “crime generators” from the operation of the Canada Line as presently designed. To date Translink and Canada Line Rapid Transit Inc. have not adequately addressed these issues.

“The Canada Line safety concerns outlined by the RCMP and Richmond First have not been addressed,” said Councillor McNulty. “I’m a supporter of the Canada Line, but it needs to be built and operated right so it doesn’t become a “Crime Train” that brings unwanted elements in to our community.”

Outstanding safety issues for the Canada Line include the following:

* Visibility and lighting of stations and guideways
* A guaranteed dedication of a portion of the Canada Line’s fifty armed security personnel to stations in Richmond
* The need to include down escalators at all Richmond stations

“Rapid transit is important for our residents, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of community safety,” said McNulty. “This is a fantastic project that nobody wants to become tainted by criminal elements.”

A copy of the RCMP’s presentation to Richmond’s Community Safety Committee has been attached as a backgrounder to this release.

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