Richmond’s Hamilton Neighbourhood Deserves Community Library

For Immediate Release

March 13, 2007

RICHMOND – Richmond’s Hamilton neighbourhood is in need of a dedicated community library to ensure a fairness of services across our great city, Richmond City Councillor Bill McNulty said today.

“We have dedicated community libraries located throughout Richmond, but have only one book mobile to service the entire Hamilton area,” said Councillor McNulty. “I have long contended that it’s simply not acceptable that one of our fastest growing communities is one of our most under-serviced districts.”

Richmond City Council added a weekly library book delivery service to Hamilton in its 2007 operating budget. While the service will include a weekly selection of books being delivered to the local community center, it falls short of resident requests for a full-fledged library facility.

“If we want to promote literacy and education, we have to provide the resources to make it possible for all Richmond residents,” said McNulty. “A satellite library facility in the Hamilton area would go a long way to give residents there the tools they need.”

The Hamilton Community Association has lobbied for a full-service library branch since 2003, and has indicated an interest in leasing commercial space from the local shopping mall to support such a facility.

“While a 10,000 square ft. facility would be ideal, a positive starting point would even be a 5,000 square ft. facility with room for growth,” said McNulty. “I am going to challenge the City and the Library Board to make this building a reality as soon as possible.”

Richmond currently has four full-service library outlets in the communities of Brighouse, Ironwood, Cambie, and Steveston. At present, there is no library facility in the Hamilton neighbourhood.

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