Councillor urges action on Richmond crime wave

Dear Editor:

There is no doubt that the recent wave of high profile criminal activity in Richmond is detrimental to our city’s reputation and our way of life. With gang-style shootings in city parks and brazen robberies of casino winners, council needs to take action now so more resources can reach our local RCMP, Block Watch and neighbourhood safety programs.

Councillor Derek Dang and I have been recently commenting to the media on our city’s public safety issues and I want the record on my position to be perfectly clear. I am supportive of more RCMP for our entire city, certainly not just the River Rock Casino. In fact, with respect to River Rock I believe the Casino themselves need to be a large part of the solution through increased security and more information being available for big winners.

What I am proposing is that the city take action now to provide resources so up to 10 new RCMP officers can be hired. That will help us to provide the much needed security we all need.

Residents of our city want, and deserve, to feel safe on our streets. That is my ultimate goal, and the common goal of all Richmondites. Together, we will achieve it.


Bill McNulty
City of Richmond

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