Increased Resources for Public Safety Programs Paramount in Richmond

For Immediate Release

January 25, 2007

RICHMOND – The recent wave of high profile criminal activity in Richmond is detrimental to our city’s reputation and our way of life, Richmond City Councillors Bill McNulty and Derek Dang said today.

“We’ve been saying all along that the public should be concerned with the recent rash of public safety issues in Richmond,” said Councillor McNulty. “With gang-style shootings in city parks and brazen robberies of casino winners, council needs to take action now so more resources can reach our local RCMP, Block Watch and neighbourhood safety programs.”

According to Richmond RCMP, at least two women have recently been robbed of thousands of dollars after winning big at the River Rock Casino. One woman was followed from the Casino to her home and robbed at gunpoint while attempting to enter her residence. This follows on the heels of a number of high profile gang-style shootings within the city.

“Public safety is certainly our community’s number one issue,” said Councillor Dang. “We need to increase support for crime prevention programs and raise awareness among our citizens on how they can better protect themselves on our city streets.”

The two victims of the recent robberies left the Casino with winnings in the form of cash and/or gambling chips. As a safety precaution, the River Rock Casino also offers any of its winners the option to receive their monies in the form of a cheque.

“Residents need to know the more cash they carry the more likely they are to be a target,” said McNulty. “We must look at this type of common sense solution to the problem while at the same time dedicating ourselves to improving the way public safety issues are addressed in our city.”

Richmond RCMP are continuing to investigate both the gang-style shootings and the two identified robberies. No arrests have been made thus far in these cases.

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