Seniors, Motorists, At Risk Without Snow Removal Reinvestment

For Immediate Release

November 30, 2006

RICHMOND – More support is needed for snow removal in our city to protect public safety, Richmond City Councillor Bill McNulty said today.

“City crews have been working around the clock to keep our city’s streets safe with the recent snowfall but we can do better,” said McNulty. “While conditions have been the best the city personnel can do, there is certainly more that could be done to keep motorists and transit users safe.”

City of Richmond policy gives salting and plowing priority to main bus routes and areas with the highest traffic volumes. The second priority is industrial roadways as well as main feeder roads that run through major subdivisions.

“Those most vulnerable in our society are the ones who are most in need during extreme weather incidents,” said McNulty. “While crews have done an admirable job, the city needs more resources to prevent future snow removal issues that endanger our seniors and disabled residents, not to mention motorists.”

Growth is also an issue for further investment in snow removal. The population of Richmond city centre is expected to triple over the next twenty-five years from its current 41,000 to 120,000 residents. The updated city centre concept will be brought before council in January, with a final plan being implemented a few months thereafter.

“Richmond is a growing city with a growing number of cars and transit vehicles on the road,” said McNulty. “While we grow we must do so in a sustainable manner as we reinvest in equipment to meet our new demands and to mitigate environmental danger to our citizens, such as increased snow removal measures.”

City crews continue to work around the clock to mitigate the damage caused by the recent snowfall.

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