Richmond Residents’ Way of Life at Stake in YVR 20-Year Plan

For Immediate Release
September 7, 2006

RICHMOND – The draft 20-Year Master Plan for the Vancouver International Airport spells disaster for Richmond residents’ way of life, Richmond City Councillors Bill McNulty and Derek Dang announced today.

“The YVR 20-Year Plan proposes unacceptable tolls and heavy resident traffic restrictions on the Arthur Laing Bridge,” said McNulty. “This would surely create further traffic gridlock for Richmond residents going to and from Vancouver on many of our already congested crossings, and that will surely be objectionable to our citizens.”

While reviewing their airport’s future ground transportation system the draft YVR Plan includes an option to dedicate a portion of existing roads and lanes to airport traffic only, or implement tolls for commuter traffic on routes such as the Arthur Laing Bridge.

The draft YVR Plan also studies options for a third major runway at the Airport to accommodate future growth in the number of projected flights. Most of the options under consideration will increase the number of Richmond residents exposed to aircraft noise.

“The livability of our city is at stake given the extra noise and environmental concerns created by a third runway,” said Councillor Dang. “There must be other options that can be explored to meet the needs of both the city, and that of YVR.”

Richmond residents and affected stakeholders are being asked for feedback on YVR’s draft 20-Year Plan. Individuals and organizations can send their comments to

“Richmond residents must raise their voices in opposition to this plan today or risk waking up to noise and congestion tomorrow,” said McNulty. “Derek and I will be working to oppose the adverse aspects of this plan, but we will need the public’s help.”

A full copy of the YVR draft 20-Year Master Plan is available online at

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