Councillor Bill McNulty

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A long-time Richmond resident who works as a counsellor in a Vancouver secondary school, Bill has served on Richmond Council since 1993.

Better known as “Richmond’s Man in Motion”, Bill has been active as a community volunteer in Richmond for many years, especially in sports-related activities. He has served on the Board of Directors of Sport BC, was a member of the committee which organized Richmond’s bid for the 1994 Commonwealth Games, and has been extensively involved in local community television Broadcasting.

Bill is a former President of Athletics Canada and Director of the Canadian Olympic Association. He was a primary supporter of the 2010 Olympic bid and instrumental in Richmond obtaining the Olympic Oval.

A past president of the UBC Alumni Association, Bill is currently serving his sixth three-year term on the Academic Senate of the University of British Columbia. He served on Richmond’s Advisory Planning Commission for six years from 1986-1992, five of them as Chairman.

Bill currently represents Richmond as first alternate to the first Director and second alternate to the second Director on the Metro Vancouver Board. He is also Richmond’s representative on the Board of E-Comm.

Bill is a member of the following Standing Committees of Council: Finance (Vice-Chair); General Purposes; Community Safety; Planning (Vice-Chair) and Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services.

He is a Council representative to the following advisory committees, organizations and community associations: the Aquatic Services Board; the Olympic Business Advisory Committee; the Richmond Sports Council; the Richmond Centre for Disability; the Arenas Community Association; the Steveston Community Society; the Richmond Chamber of Commerce; the Richmond Intercultural Advisory Committee; and the 2009 Richmond BC Seniors Games Board.


  1. I don’t know who was responsible for this writeup, but who-ever it is neglected to include the fact that Bill is also the Council liaison to the Richmond Centre for Disability.

  2. Its almost 20 years now, you’ve been a public servant. Good luck to you this go-around!

    • Thank you for your kind comments Ron!

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